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What to do if an update breaks your WordPress site

Updates are important, if not to say mandatory. They make your site more secure, more compatible, more functional and durable. Nevertheless, they can also cause sites to break, usually caused by numerous different kinds of conflicts between old and new code If things break in your live website or WooCommerce store, I hope you took that… Read more »

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Geschwindigkeitsoptimierung und WordPress

Ladegeschwindigkeit ist wichtg. Sehr wichtig. Eine Infografik auf Loadstorm zeigt, dass schon eine Ladezeitverlängerung von 1 Sekunde zu Verlusten in Conversion, Page Views und Kundenzufriedenheit führen. Zudem beeinflusst die Ladegeschwindigeit dein Google Ranking. Speed Optimization ist dadurch sehr zu empfehlen. Gründe für langsame Webseiten Bevor du anfängst, deine Ladezeit zu verbessern, ist es hilfreich zu verstehen,… Read more »

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How to change a multisite subdirectory to the primary domain

Working with Multisite in WordPress has many advantages. You can easily manage and create similar websites, while they still act as separate sites for visitors. While you can easily change subdomain directories from one to another, replacing the main domain with a subdirectories content and vice versa is a different topic. It happened to me… Read more »

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Displaying the featured image on facebook

Publishing a blog post for most bloggers automatically include posting it on facebook, twitter, and all other networks to spread the content. Unfortunately, facebook does not always pick up on the featured image and instead shows a different image, the header image or no image at all. How facebook choses which image to display Facebook retrieves… Read more »

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Why I love working with WooThemes Canvas

The Canvas theme Canvas describes itself as: “a clean, minimalistic and beautiful WordPress theme framework or so called starter theme that you can use as-is or customize it via Theme Options. Canvas Theme Options provides with over 100 different values you can tweak to change font size, color, background, widget styling, layout width, featured image size… Read more »

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Including EU VAT in WooCommerce

When selling digital goods in the European Union, taxes need to be paid. Since 2015, electronic services and products in Europe are bound to the value added tax (VAT). Though they are not collected by an european institution, but every member state is required to adopt the VAT law. Practically, this means that even though one… Read more »

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Language corrections using .po files

Most themes and plugins automatically recognize the language version of your WordPress installation and the country you work from. Then they install the right language package and without ever noticing the different language versions, everything is shown in the right language. But what if a different language then automatically detected is needed? Or what if the… Read more »

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Creating a second floating menu on specific pages

Just now, I had a customer who with a rather rare wish: On her website, there are parts with many submenu items. To facilitate the user experience, these parts should always show a second menu giving constantly all the submenu item. The site is running with the Pootlepress Canvas child theme. Canvas does not have the… Read more »

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Different possibilities for multi-language websites

One question customers often have, concerns multilingual pages. As WordPress was developed as a blog system, a standard option for multilingual content is not included. One either has to manually create different versions or use a WordPress plugin. Basically, there are three different possibilities to solve the case. They all have their pros and cons, which I want to… Read more »