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How to calculate shipping cost including tax for WooCommerce

In many countries, shipping cost has to be calculated including the local tax rate. For most products in Germany for example, the tax rate is 19% and therefore shipping has to add 19% of tax to its cost. WooCommerce automatically adds the tax to the set shipping cost, if set. This is great, as we… Read more »

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What to do if an update breaks your WordPress site

Updates are important, if not to say mandatory. They make your site more secure, more compatible, more functional and durable. Nevertheless, they can also cause sites to break, usually caused by numerous different kinds of conflicts between old and new code If things break in your live website or WooCommerce store, I hope you took that… Read more »

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How to update WooCommerce like a Pro

WooCommerce in a WordPress installation can be a powerful e-commerce setup. To stay that way, the CMS and the plugin need to be upgraded to ensure performance, to stay secure and to look and function continuously well. As important as these updates are, there can always be bugs and conflicts when installing an update on… Read more »

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SEPA and WooCommerce Subscriptions

In Europe and in my experience a lot in Germany, direct debit is a commonly used payment method – no matter if for single payments or subscriptions. Credit Cards on the other hand are much less widespread. Instead there are still many households who don’t even own one. And cheques and paying with them are… Read more »

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How to hide the Price Range for WooCommerce Variable Products

If you sell a variable product on WooCommerce, it’s quite likely that different options come with different prices. In your store, customers can then choose a certain variation and will be charged the according price. When selling many different options, in some cases store owners don’t want their customers to look at the full price… Read more »

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Including EU VAT in WooCommerce

When selling digital goods in the European Union, taxes need to be paid. Since 2015, electronic services and products in Europe are bound to the value added tax (VAT). Though they are not collected by an european institution, but every member state is required to adopt the VAT law. Practically, this means that even though one… Read more »