Hi, my name is Anna, a freelance front-end developer and supporter of open source. I specialize in WordPress and WooCommerce and work remotely. In 2009 I wrote my first HTML and since 2016 I hold a Masters degree in Media Management. At the moment I am located in Berlin, Germany but I tend to move around, travelling with my fiancé Con.

Hire me for WordPress and WooCommerce solutions.

I often work with designers and marketing specialists who need technical support for their client projects. My preference is to work off-site using Slack, Trello and the occasional call. If this is not possible, depending on my location we can arrange a different setup. I prefer to provide hosting services myself. In return, I maintain self-hosted WordPress and WooCommerce sites and take care of upgrades.

While I’m happy to pitch in with some code such as custom templates and custom functions, I am not a developer (yet) and I won’t be comfortable working on aspects such as custom development or in agile projects. When I work with an agency, I expect full autonomy about technical decisions I make.

I roll on a MacBookPro.

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About me personally

I was born 1988
My nationality is German
I enjoy creating things for myself, either by sowing my own clothes, laptop sleeves and bags...
... or by taking photos and drawing or doodling. (Like these for example)
Whenever possible, I love to travel, to see the world and to understand and experience different cultures.
I also like reading books, novels as much as educating literature, at the moment that is “Spiral Dynamics”.
Last but not least, I enjoy working out, preferably in nature while mountainbiking, running or hiking.
Any other questions? Feel free to ask, I might answer without wanting to publish...